Vata dosha – food and management


  • cold, dry, rough, mobile, fast// Vata people are slim, fast, small bones, reduced muscles, small eyes, creative, irregular, fragile
  • when increased you feel: constipation, irregularity in digestion of food, your moods, bloating, burping, pain that comes and goes without explanation, dryness of your skin, hair, nails, nervousness, feeling cold and “stuck”

Food and routines that help reduce high Vata:

  • sour, salty, pungent, oily, cooked food and drinks
  • warm surroundings, more sleep, peace, quiet, routines
  • eat meat, meat soups, proteins (eggs, warm dairy, root veggies, cooked grains, oils, ghee) apply warm sesame oil on the skin before a warm shower or bath 3-4 times per week

If you feel sluggish, overweight, ware eating dairy, sweets and flower – eat Vata food to increase Vata dosha:

  • legumes, dry, rough, hard food, raw fruit and vegetables – always add spices like pepper, ginger – to increase your appetite
  • go for a brisk walk and get activated on fresh air
  • climb a mountain
  • cycle on a windy day



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