Venus in Aries – Woman Warrior

A woman who has Venus in Aries is a woman who is quick. If she likes you, she will let you know right away. She is fiery, maybe sometimes immature, but she is combative and passionate.

Direct and outspoken, she can be too assertive, if she is too much in a male element, she can act rough and sharp for a woman. Can be too demanding, and that is happening if it is not well balanced. A lot of physical activity, working out and sweating will help cool her down, so she can express her fire in a loving and passionate way and not by force.

If you have a man with Venus in Aries, how to dress, what to do?

Well, first, don’t come in high heels. Wear something casual, jeans, a plain T-shirt, practical shoes, so you can go to a game with him, hiking or get into a fast car.

A man with Venus in Aries immediately shows that he likes you and will take action. He expects the same from a woman – a willingness to go on an adventure with him NOW.



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